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Play31 offers several fun and exciting ways to play the game of ‘31’ also known as Scat, Ride the Bus, or Blitz. 31 is a derivative of Poker. Imagine if Poker and Solitaire got married and had a baby, it’s name would be 31!

Play31.net is a social network gaming site and is played for Real Money. The site is complete with players and live hosts and hostesses.

If you have ever played this game with your friends, family or College roommates you already know that the game of 31 is easy and exciting. 31 is fun and anyone can become an expert fairly quickly.

We are all familiar with traditional version of the game. However, our site offers a more dynamic 31 gaming experience. We have single table games with up to 7 players, speed Sit & Go Tournaments with up to 21 players and regularly scheduled Multi Table Freeze Out Tournaments with hundreds of players. That's not all, the best part is every Sit & Go Tournament has 3 winners and every tournament has a minimum of 7 winners. If you have ever played a typical online Poker tournament, you know how frustrating it could be to play for several hours and end up with nothing. Of course, we know that playing Solitaire, though enjoyable, would have a totally different appeal if you got paid when you win the round. Play31 marries the two games and offers you the chance to Play and Win.

Play31 offers all our players the chance to walk away with winnings, whether it be in a Single Table Game or Tournaments.

So now you know what’s possible!

We invite you to browse through our site and familiarize yourself with all of the Play31.net features. Our innovative software offers our players a NO DOWNLOAD platform. PRESS PLAY NOW to Register and let the gaming begin!

Don’t forget about the Play31 Girls, they are here to answer any questions you have. Join us and make a new friend !

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